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  • Authoritative--compiled from the sources that created them:  ITU, IETF, ETSI, IEEE, and more.
  • Easy to use--wire binding lets this volume lie flat for easy reference. 
  • Convergence covered--voice, data, video, IT, and data processing in one place.
  • Now in its 22nd Edition

Over 2500 concise explanations of those acronyms and abbreviations that some people believe everyone understands--so don't bother to define--now available in one handy volume for three converging industries.  Sized to match your software tech manuals:  easily keep it near your desk or workstation to be sure you know what that acronym means (some have multiple meanings).

This volume expands and updates the collection started by William Flanagan's more than a decade ago.  It covers all areas of voice telephony, wireless, and data communications, plus related areas of information technology. 

Offered for only $19.95 (plus shipping and applicable tax).  Satisfaction guaranteed.  

Available in quantity with custom designs for corporate gifts. 
Call 703.855.0191 or email for information.

Sample Entries

BAA         Broad Agency Announcement, such as an invitation to propose work for a DARPA project.

BPI         Baseline Privacy Interface, (BPI+ for DOCSIS 1.1) applies RSA and DES encryption to the RF (cable) link between CM and CMTS.

CapEx     Capital Expenditure, investment in infrastructure; c.f., OpEx.

CM         Cable Modem, the device that connects (usually) Ethernet to the RF on the coax.

ECA         Enterprise Communications Association (

EMR        ElectroMagnetic Radiation, radio or low frequency fields.

MIC         Message Integrity Check, security process available on IP networks; e.g. to authenticate the config file in a CM.

OpEx        Operating Expense, cost of use and maintenance; c.f., CapEx.

POC         Point of Contact.

RFID         Radio Frequency IDentification, cheap chip with antenna (the "tag") encoded with one number and a simple protocol; powered by EMR from the scanner/reader.

RNC         Reader Network Controller, server that links RFID interrogation devices to applications; decides what to read and what info to keep.

SDR     Software Defined Radio, one in which the analog RF signal is synthesized digitally, allowing quick changes in frequency and modulation methods.

SLRRP     Simple Lightweight Rfid Reader Protocol, defined between RNC and RFID tag scanner.

TEK         Traffic Encryption Key, assigned to a DOCSIS cable modem for a session between the CM and the CMTS.

XG            neXt Generation, applied to network and other technologies; DARPA project for adaptive radio system.

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