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Areas of Expertise

We encourage our prospective clients to define their needs in terms of the widest range of skills that they can imagine.  We believe that our capabilities, listed here, will match or exceed the need. 

Not every project requires every skill, and each client may prefer to deal with certain matters internally.  We remain flexible in our problem solving, to  match your style as we optimize appropriate deliverables for the target audience.

Certain kinds of expertise are harder to express--simple bullet items can't convey a full understanding.  Consider, for example, the value of two specific forms of advice:
1) Guidance away from what looks like the next hot product--but has no future. 
2) Early direction toward a new market that grows to be very successful. 

Some call it "vision";  others, market insight.  Most often we define this skill by examples, several of which are listed among the biographical sketches of our staff.  We are proud of our excellent record on both counts.


Our consultants typically have degrees in EE, physics, or computer science.k  We understand--and can keep up with--rapidly advancing technologies.
  • Network security issues
  • Backbone protocols:  IP, MPLS, Frame Relay, ATM
  • Network access methods such as DSL, cable modem, wireless.
  • Routing and control protocols for voice and data: RTP, SS7, SIP, H.323, Megaco
  • Voice/video/facsimile over IP networks (cross training for voice and data)
  • Transmission on copper and fiber:  SDH, SONET, PON, EoF, MEF
  • Network design 'best practices'
  • Network resiliency/availability methods
  • Legacy analog and digital telephony, transmission, and switching:  PSTN, ISDN, CENTREX, PBX
  • Q.sig, ISDN, AIN, CAS, CCS signaling
  • Network access devices, LANs, Wi-Fi, and network CPE
  • Backbone nodes for aggregation, service provisioning, transport
  • Legacy protocols such as SNA, X.25, Bisync, ALC, X.42, SCADA
  • Network management

Business Functions

While exercising the highest level of technical skill, we also bring a rich set of business tools to projects.  Together, our consultants have decades of experience (and MBAs) in:
  • Product management
  • Product definition (feature set)
  • Product positioning
  • Strategic and Tactical planning
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Return on investment analysis
  • Documentation to support Federal procurement processes
  • Integration of emerging technologies with legacy products
  • Technology review for executives
  • New product introductions
  • Sales training on new products
  • Corporate development
  • Due diligence and evaluation of potential acquisitions
  • Expert witness, research, technical opinions, testimony
  • Addressing audiences from engineering to  management
  • Participation in educational and promotional efforts for the industry through Forums and conferences
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