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Webtorials is an educational site for tutorials, white papers, and presentations based on streaming audio and video.  Special thanks to Steve Taylor for helping to launch this web site.

ExpertLaw, HG Legal Resources, Forensis Group, and IMS Expert Services list us among expert witnesses.  Represented by The Round Table Group as an expert witness in multiple cases. 

TeleManagement Forum writes standards for network management protocols and methods related to TMN.  Introduction to TMN (Telecom Management Network) a concise overview;  good place to start.

International Telecommunications Union is part of the United Nations.  Its "Recommendations" for communications technology become standards worldwide.  Most documents available for free download.

IEEE offers standards for LAN's;  you can download for free the standards for wired and wireless technologies.

Hosting Service

Follow this link to our hosting site, a2Hosting in Michigan.  We may make a buck if you sign up.  They've been good to us.

Some traditional photographic work

 Samples of b/w prints made by W. Flanagan, the product of a long-standing interest in film and silver-gelatin prints.

Spare the Child

A very small site about small children.
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