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Publications and Public Speaking

Our expert staff shares its knowledge with the industry through various forums and publications, through our own ViewsLetter, books, trade publications, and industry conferences.      


Consultants will be covering conferences in person throughout the year, and may be available for briefings, to answer questions, and to discuss the services offered by Flanagan Consulting.  Please phone or email to set a meeting.

SIP NOC 2016         
Header Compression in a Software Defined Network
by William Flanagan
Dramatic savings in bandwidth enabled a packet processing technology,
for all streaming media but particularly for VoIP.
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SIP NOC 2016

As schedules permit, we are happy to bring our presentations into high school and college classes studying networks and IT to share our knowledge--at no charge.


Bill Flanagan's latest book for Wiley Interscience,is  VoIP and Unified Communications.   Available on paper, 320 pages, and as an eBook from and other sources.  Barnes and Noble keeps tabs on all of his titles here.

  His other titles are available at Barnes & Noble.
  • T-1 Networking (5th Ed.; >60,000 copies in print)
  • Frames, Packets, & Cells in Broadband Networking
  • ATM Users Guide
  • ISDN:  A practical Guide (2nd Ed.)
  • Voice Over Frame Relay
FC Associate Ray Horak published two books on networking in late 2007.  William Flanagan was the technical editor for both of them.  They offer extensive coverage of many technologies, and are as accurate as two old pros can make them.
The titles are:
Telecommunications and Data Communications Handbook, 791 pages.
Webster's New World Telecom Dictionary, 568 pages.

Wiley-Interscience is the publisher.  Available in bookstores and on the web from multiple merchants--do a web search for "Ray Horak" or start with Ray's profile page.


Horak writes for Telecom Reseller, a magazine and web site. 

ViewsLetter is an email newsletter from Flanagan Consulting that isn't tied to the news, but may use a "news peg" to select a topic on which one (or more) of our consultants has a strong opinion.  Our  analysis is based on historical perspective and knowledge of end users' needs--it might give your head a spin.  To subscribe, follow the link in Main Pages, above.

Marketing Reports

Vladimir Kaminsky thoroughly reviews industry segments, presenting vendors and technologies in concise form.  PDF copies (not for printing) for an individual's use are US$475.00.  Site licenses available, please inquire.
       --Standard Public Safety Trunked Radio Systems
       --Ethernet as Carrier-Grade Technology
       --Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems
       --E911:  Positioning Systems in Public Safety
       --SONET/SDH Microwave Radio and Secure Communications
       --Power of ADSL:  Assessment of Technology and Market for Asymmetrical digital Subscriber Line
       --Fiber-to-the-Desk:  At the Corner or Light Years Away?  Technology and Market Development

White Papers and Seminars

Need to educate the market on a new standard or product?  Get the job done economically through a white paper that presents your concepts clearly and "sells" the idea.   Our experienced associates work with you to articulate your key points and position your product in the market while tailoring the message to your audience.  

Want more personal interaction with prospects?  A seminar does the job.  We will write one just for you, or customize an existing presentation to carry your message.  Wide range of topics available.   Call or email to discuss a schedule. 

Examples of White Papers for Clients
Offered Seminars
 --TCP Acceleration with Encryption over Satelllite Links
  --IP VPNs for Legacy Protocols
  --Wireless Routers for Lottery Network Protocols
Cross Training for Converged Networks
  --Voice for Data People
  --Data for Voice People
  --VoIP Operation and Signaling
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