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Broad Skills, Proven Performance

Our staff embodies highly unusual combinations of expertise:
voice telephony and data switching,
access devices and backbone nodes,
technologies and protocols from legacy to the very latest,
with viewpoints of carrier, vendor, and enterprise,
on business functions as well as technical matters,
addressing audiences from engineering to sales to management. 
During decades in communications, we handled marketing, product positioning, product management, strategic planning, and corporate development as well as network design and architecture.  We can read balance sheets and blue prints.   Our wide scope of knowledge gives us a highly practical perspective attuned to solving multi-level problems for our clients, in real-world situations. 

How Our Expertise Can Help You

Each client draws on a unique mix of our skills.   In broad terms, however, we give each client clear insight into the needs, desires, and practices of all involved parties.  That is, we can:
  • help hardware vendors understand how their products can appeal more to both carriers and enterprises,
  • give carriers an insight into enterprise needs and practices, contributing to the design of a service (including choice of hardware) for maximum revenue potential,
  • advise enterprises and government agencies on selecting appropriate carrier services and network equipment,
  • provide advertising and public relations firms with creative concepts and copy grounded in technology and optimized for marketing purposes,
  • evaluate, analyze, and interpret telecom technology for legal and investment professionals, including opinions related to patents and contracts, research, and trial testimony.
The specific form of deliverable that conveys our expertise varies to meet a client's needs.  Often an interactive discussion of a strategy, or a real-time evaluation of a proposed presentation, has large value.  In other cases, the output is a written document:  a strategic plan, report, analysis, white paper, speech, slide presentation, tutorial or seminar handout, a sales training document, or an expert opinion.

As seasoned public speakers, we can present materials as well as produce them.  We have participated in many product-introduction road shows, technical seminars, sales training events, and industry conferences as tutors and panelists.  We have also testified at trials and depositions.

A White Paper project for a vendor or industry group represents an ideal opportunity to exercise a wide range of our skills.  Strong, clear writing is the minimum we offer.  Then we add technical and business expertise to help develop the concepts expressed in the paper.  Interaction between client and consultant improves the articulation of ideas, brings them into focus--and often changes them in the process.

Flanagan Consulting responds to needs for more specialized help, such as writing executive speeches, offering a second opinion on a strategy, or giving expert witness in legal proceedings involving telecom or the networking industry
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