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Our staff embodies many highly unusual combinations of expertise:
· in voice telephony and data switching,
· for access devices and backbone nodes,
· covering technologies and protocols from legacy to the very latest,
· from the viewpoints of carrier, vendor, and enterprise,
· on business functions as well as technical matters,
· addressing audiences from engineering to sales to management. 

During decades in communications, we have handled marketing, product positioning, product management, strategic plannin
g, and corporate development as well as network design and architecture.  We can read both balance sheets and blue prints. 

Our wide scope of knowledge gives us a highly practical perspective attuned to solving multi-level problems for our clients, in real-world situations.  We don't have one answer to all questions.

For many years we have applied our expertise in telecom to legal proceeding as expert witnesses.  We have worked with patent applications, opined on technology issues, participated in depositions, and testified at trials.

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William Flanagan

William Flanagan photo

Telecom Expert Witness

Since 1999

Mr. Flanagan has a comprehensive understanding of voice and data technologies, products, markets, and customers derived from more than three decades of telecom experience.   His network designs have solved problems for enterprises, government agencies, and carriers. He was the network architect for USDA's MPLS backbone and designed a multicast IP network to connect hundreds of surveillance cameras.  He wrote (and obtained concurrence from multiple stakeholders for) a set of standards related covering VoIP deployment in a Federal Dept. 

As VP of marketing and technology for two public companies, he had responsibility for strategic marketing, product management, marketing communications, and due diligence analysis of potential acquisitions. 

He served on the Technical Committee of the Frame Relay Forum for more than 10 years.  He was a Principal Analyst with Burton Group where he consulted with large enterprises, vendors, and carriers on network architecture.  He is sole inventor on three issued US patents for telecom technology.

As a subject matter expert, he has produced expert witness documents and opinions, guided technical depositions, and testified at trial. 

Editor and Publisher, ViewsLetter.


BS Physics, DePaul University;  completed graduate physics courses, University of Pittsburgh; 

Dolores Libera

Ms. Libera has created and managed magazines, newsletters, and other publications for more than 20 years.  She has guided the creation, or relaunch, of multiple magazines aimed at both consumers and a business audience. Her writing has covered topics from health care, to business issues, to advocacy with government agencies and elected officials.

Her skills as an editor include meticulous attention to grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  At the same time she constantly evaluates a manuscript  for continuity, level, clarity, and fitness for the intended audience.

For many years she has planned events, presentation materials, and the message to involve the public, government, and elected officials in public service issues.


BA Political Science, Miami University

Vladimir Kaminsky

  Vladimir Kaminsky photo

Dr. Vladimir Kaminsky has been working in telecommunications for over 30 years.  He started his carrier in Europe, where he worked on effective coding of digital information for various types of communications channels.  During the last twenty years, he held engineering and management positions in Bell System companies.  His responsibilities included analysis of technical and economic solutions for broadband optical networks in support of product planning and development.  He has worked on the design and implementation of major carrier networks. 

His practical experience combined with an extensive academic background give him a deep technical understanding of telecommunications technologies, such as DWDM, satellites, terrestrial transmission, and network security.

Contributing Editor, ViewsLetter


Ph.D. in EE, Politech Institute, Moscow;  Thesis “Run-length Coding of Digital Information and Its Application”

Richard Haney

Mr. Haney is a visionary with over 30 years experience in strategic planning, business planning, product planning and development, systems integration and patenting technology.  He has been a founder of two companies and held positions in engineering, marketing, sales, senior management, CEO, and on corporate boards of several companies.  He is experienced working with inventors, startups, patent prosecution, and the patent office in researching Prior Art and assisting inventors prepare for patent filings.

At different times he patented technologies after founding X One, Inc. and AlterWAN, where he was CEO of both firms.   He has designed and installed global networks using a variety of technologies.  He has also developed and patented technology in the Mobile sector.


M.S. Computer Science, San Jose State University;  B.S. Industrial Technology, Business minor, San Jose State University

Ray Horak

 Ray Horak

Mr. Horak has been intensely engaged in telecommunications for over 30 years. He has served in management and executive positions for companies including Southwestern Bell, Continental Telephone Company (CONTEL) and several CONTEL subsidiaries, and Communications Group. His responsibilities have included general management, strategic marketing, marketing communications, market analysis, and mergers and acquisitions.

Ray is an accomplished consultant, author, and lecturer with considerable international experience. He leads seminars on telecommunications and data communications, worldwide, and is well known for his plain-English, commonsense approach to complex technologies. Ray has served as a consulting and testifying expert in a number of cases involving intellectual property (patents, trademarks and service marks), contract disputes, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and other telecommunications related matters. Ray is President of the Context Corporation, an independent consultancy, and an Associate of Flanagan Consulting.


BBA and MBA, The University of Texas at Austin

Roy Spitzer

Roy Spitzer

Mr. Spitzer has over thirty years at the forefront of new ideas in IT. His extensive experience with distributed processing includes:
  • Single processor multiprocessing
  • Multiprocessors on a single main frame
  • Multi-cooperative processing units in a co-located site
  • Remote processing over wireline communications utilizing a broad range of media from X.25 to 3G wireless.

His work with common distributed computing problems has included redundancy control, Security, Authorization, Authentication, Encryption, Location based services, Content Management, System/network monitoring, and Billing/Account management.


BS Computer Science, Case Institute of Technology;  30 graduate credits in Computer Science, Worcester Polytechnic Institute 
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