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Server Update Will Move ViewsLetter to Flanagan-Consulting.com Domain

By William Flanagan, VL Publisher

Here's your opportunity to guide the development of a book so that it answers your questions. 

New Book in the Works

The book will be about the future of telephony in the form of Voice Over IP and Unified Communications.  I just signed a contract with Wiley & Sons to publish it in 2011. 

To make the book as useful as possible, I want to address your real concerns.  What do these topics mean to you?  What information on them are you missing?  What do you believe are the essential concepts that must be included?  Send those questions, topics, gripes, and what have you to me at this dedicated address:  uc@flanagan-consulting.com.. 

I'll credit contributors in the book.  And of course your questions will influence the ViewsLetter as well.

This will be the sixth book from me.  For the list of previous books see the Publications page on the web site.  Together, those five titles have sold over 70,000 copies.  Your question, with answer, will help a lot of people in the industry.

Server Change Coming Soon

Before the next issue we'll update the hosting of ViewsLetter.com to a new server which will also carry the Flanagan-Consulting.com domain.  Don't be alarmed that future ViewsLetters come from F-C rather than VL.  The DNS record for ViewsLetter.com will point to the F-C server, a virtual instance of Linux.  The name of the list remains the same:  vl2006.  The mailman software will continue to support the distribution list so subscribing and unsubscribing procedures remain the same.  The URL of the page will change but that link will be on the new web site and in future issues of the ViewsLetter. 

If you have any problems, don't hesitate to email or phone.  However, you might want to check your email white list or any filter you've set up to route the ViewsLetter to a particular inbox, just to make sure the change in domain won't be a problem.

We will get to provisioning VoIP as a service--promise.
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