SIP Trunking and Security

by William Flanagan

Lot's of activity around SIP trunking over the last few months.  More carrier offerings, more carriers.  Quite a bit about how to use a Session Border Controller (SBC), both within the carrier and on the customer premisses.  Two issues remain unsettled:


Major strides have been taken toward settling on the minimum requirements for SIP trunks so any device could operate with any service.  The goal is to play as soon as you plug.  Not quite there yet, but efforts such as, SIPconnect 1.1, the SIP Forum's Technical Recommendation, show real promise. 

The SIP standards are huge, constantly expanding (more than 50 separate task groups are at work most of the time),  and subject to interpretation.  That is, different implementers can read the text of the documents in conflicting ways.  Hence the need for compatibility testing, certifications of interoperability between vendors, and considerable care in configuring new installations.

An enterprise SBC can resolve many compatibility issues.  They can have separate configurations for inside and outside connections, converting between the two as necessary.
For a more detailed description and a diagram see this sample page from my new book, VoIP and Unified Communications.


I mentioned this before, but it bears repeating:  VoIP has all the vulnerabilities of data networks and needs to be protected from the Internet even while it must connect to it.  Tough situation--complicated by  the many new protocols and behaviors that voice introduces to the network.  Data firewalls and Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems don't always understand SIP signaling messages and stream formats so may ignore exploits unique to voice.  For examples:

Some of this information comes from Addis Hallmark and VIPER Lab, a VoIP security research company acquired by Avaya in 2011 when it bought Sipera Systems.  For the past decade they observed and tested VoIP systems to characterize "normal" and "deviant" behaviors.  That information built into software differentiates the SBC from a traditional firewall or IPS.  They also created the "VLANhopper" tool that illustrates how a device assigned to a voice vLAN can access another vLAN on the same network. 

Be aware.

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        VoIP and Unified Communications
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