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is an email newsletter that isn't tied to the news, but may use a "news peg" to select a topic on which one (or more) of our consultants has a strong opinion.  
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We started in 2002 by looking at automating the installation and  provisioning of carrier services.  As the first issue stated the problem, imagine voice call switching still done by manual cord boards.  There aren't enough people in the country to handle the call volume in telephony.  

Likewise, data traffic now exceeds the world's ability to train and certify network engineers (operators) to set up services--unless the process is automated.  To meet demand, carriers installed new procedures, new equipment, and new software management tools--creating hope for an economic recovery in telecoms.

With so much data, we've become dependent on its "always on" connectivity.  Just as we always expect dial tone when we pick up a phone, we expect our browser and email to work all the time.  Historically, the tolerance for outages has been higher among Internet/router people than among telephone people. That is changing, as availability become a performance metric for IT as well as the voice service.  At the end of 2005, ViewsLetter refocused on High Availability to cover the evolving network and server technology that's making data services more reliable all the time.

The curent focus on VoIP brings in both earlier aspects:  the IP-based services lend themselves to automated provisioning, but also require high availability.

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Issue 85:
Good one...Cheers."

Nice Commentary, totally agree."

"I suspect that part of the problem was basic battery annual maintenance."

Issue 80: 

"Excellent field level cost analysis of moving to IPT.

Many thanks, very interesting!"


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