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Flanagan Consulting is a service of W. A. Flanagan, Inc., a majority-women owned small business incorporated in 2002.  We service government and commercial clients.  In the Federal arena we subcontract to primes;  enterprises are direct clients.

Our associates are all highly experienced in telephony or data communications--usually both.  In addition, a business-oriented viewpoint adds an additional dimension to our work, incorporating the need to consider return on investment and the impact of technology on business practices.

A key capability is clear writing.  We present complex and technical material in understandable text and graphics tailored for each audience.  We have addressed design engineers, top managers, and the general public with high effect.

We have served network clients and performed expert witness services across the US and in Canada,.

Flanagan Consulting is listed in the Central Contractor Registry (CCR).  Federal Government entities may reach us through a certified 8(a) partner's GSA schedule and several other vehicles.  We do not hold a direct contract.

ViewsLetter is an email newsletter published by (and a service mark of) Flanagan Consulting.  IT brings a novel viewpoint on technology and related issues to over 3,000 clients and interested parties in the industry.  Suggestions for future topics are invited;  send to publisher at

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Flanagan Consulting
A service mark of W. A. Flanagan, Inc.      
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